About us

Psychobilly from the darkest depths of South London and beyond.
Deathcaps first emeraged from the dirt in the winter of 2016 and will continue to spore.
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15/08/18 Yearly update time. We've been in the studio recording some sexy videos recently. Peel your eyes, we will have them all up in your bonce soon. Cheers boys and girls

05/10/17 It's been a couple of months since our EP came out. You can buy it here or get it from us at one of our gigs. Just had our one year anniversary. Cheers and beers to all who've tolerated us so far. More stuff stuff in the Wario pipeline coming soon.

27/02/17 Since we first emerged from the dirt around September 2016, it's about time for Deathcaps to do some proper recordings. Our first EP will be released within a few weeks so keep your onions peeled... It's gonna be highly deadly toxic!


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