09/02/19UCA Bar, Canterbury - Davee Wild Memorial Gig 2019 with Travis Cut, Belinda Carbuncle, Hacksaw, Matilda's Scoundrels, Surgery Without Research, Purjury, Terminal, Scandal, Left For Dead, Lords Of Lonesome, Spoilers, Heathens, Rotten Foxes [f]

14/03/19The Lounge 666 @ WKD, Camden, London with Death Valley Surfers, Jay Vee & The Cardinal Sins

23/03/19Amersham Arms, London - Billy Club Half Dayer with The Rocketz, Sin Kings, Stage Frite, The DC Spectres + more TBA [f]

07/04/19The Hothampton Arms, Bognor Regis - It's In Our Blood To Help Charity Gig with The Lee Harvey Oswalds, Coherent States, Slim Jim and the Wildcards, Alligator Smile, Crash Course, The Neaps [f]

05/05/19The Fighting Cocks, Kingston with The Hangmen, The Spacewasters [f]

07/06/19The Sussex Hotel, Bexhill with Blue Carpet Band, Gripper Lee 3 [f]

Wanna see more? Send us an email: hello@deathcaps.co.uk

Past Gigs

Current Gigs

20/01/19Amersham Arms, London - Billy Club Half Dayer with Sin Kings, Thee Creepfreaks, Sweet Jonny, The Spacewasters, Kid Slug[f]

04/12/18 The Black Heart, Camden with The Sin Kings and Low Boy[f]

29/11/18 Holroyd Arms, Guildford with the Peacocks [f]

16/11/18 New Cross Inn, Psychobilly Freakout Festival with Graveyard Johnnys + much more [f]

20/10/18 The Black Heart, Camden with The Zipheads and X-Ray Cat Trio [f]

22/09/18 The Admiral, Brighton

29/06/18 The Pit & Pendulum, Nottingham with The Sin Kings, Hotrod Hooliganz [f]

12/05/18 The Admiral, Brighton with The Gruffs

22/04/18 New Cross Inn with the Guitar Gangsters, The Howling Fiends, Hotdog Grrrl[f] [w]

17/03/18 Bedlam Breakout - The Roadmender, Northampton [f] [w]

09/02/18 New Cross Inn with The Sin Kings

01/12/17 New Cross Inn with The Zipheads [f] [w]

04/11/17 The Fighting Cocks with The Zipheads and The Sin Kings [f] [w]

27/10/17 Wrecking For The Mind 2017 - Eiger Studios, Leeds [f]

28/10/17 The Old Brewery, The Flag, Watford with Gutter Demons [f]

08/09/17 New Cross Inn with The Hyperjax, Jay Vee & The Cardinal Sins and Smokin' Dogs [f] [w]

19/08/17 Underworld with Death Valley Surfers, The Creep Freaks and more [w]

14/08/17 New Cross Inn with The Creepshow [f]

06/08/17 Lock Tavern, Camden - Roadkill Records Summer Weekender 2017 [f] [w]

12/04/17 Underworld with Nekromantix, Death Valley Surfers [f] [w]

24/03/17 Fighting Cocks, Kingston with The Terrorsaurs, Sin Kings, Bastard Sons of Cavan [f] [w]

25/02/17 The Gunners pub with Knock Off, The Spacewasters, The SD5!

18/02/17 The Underworld with Demented are go!, The DoppelGangers, Thee Creepfreaks

09/12/16 The Dublin Castle with The Top Fuellers, Jay Vee and the Carinal Sins

11/11/16 Aces & Eights with Broken Soundtracks

14/10/16 The Islington with The Spacewasters, Thee Creepfreaks, Jay Vee and the Carinal Sins

18/09/16 The Finsbury with The Sly Persuaders, Dedwardians, DOLLS, The Draynes, X Ray Cat Trio, Broken Soundtracks, Jay Vee & the Cardinal Sins

15/08/18 Yearly update time. We've been in the studio recording some sexy videos recently. Peel your eyes, we will have them all up in your bonce soon. Cheers boys and girls

05/10/17 It's been a couple of months since our EP came out. You can buy it here or get it from us at one of our gigs. Just had our one year anniversary. Cheers and beers to all who've tolerated us so far. More stuff stuff in the Wario pipeline coming soon.

27/02/17 Since we first emerged from the dirt around September 2016, it's about time for Deathcaps to do some proper recordings. Our first EP will be released within a few weeks so keep your onions peeled... It's gonna be highly deadly toxic!

Psychobilly from the darkest depths of South London and beyond.

Deathcaps first emeraged from the dirt in the winter of 2016 and will continue to spore.

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